Charlottesville, Charlottesville, Charlottesville

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Esq.Charlottesville

Charlottesville is the new meme of the far left, the media, and even the establishment GOP in their effort to replace President Trump by any means. Those means include impeachment, and by some, assassination.

No longer do we hear Russia, Russia, Russia.

It’s now Charlottesville, Charlottesville, Charlottesville.

But whether it’s Russia or Charlottesville, the plan associated with the meme is the same. The media, often working off talking points from the left, can’t be trusted to report the facts accurately. Some members of the establishment GOP think they’ve got an issue to weaken Trump or even run him out of office, and choose the left’s narrative over facts and principles. Trump’s style has disrupted the Washington insiders’ game.

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