Conservatives Expect Trump to Repeal ObamaCare

FedUp PAC Staff

            Conservatives are still hopeful that President Trump will overcome establishment opposition and obtain repeal of ObamaCare, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

            More than 61% say that Trump will get the Senate to vote for repeal.  They expect establishment Republican senators to be swayed by the possibility that Trump will campaign for primary opponents if they support continuation of ObamaCare. 

            However, 31% say that the establishment is so supportive of ObamaCare that its senators will vote for it even if it means losing their seats in the next election.

            The Senate failed to pass any of several repeal bills this year, but Trump has promised to try again in 2018 as soon as another reconciliation bill is available to avoid a Democratic filibuster.  Passage will require winning over several senators who have consistently supported ObamaCare this year, regardless of previous campaign promises.  It is possible that Tuesday’s defeat of incumbent Sen. Luther Strange by anti-establishment Judge Roy Moore will be a shot across the bow for these senators, warning them of their own fate if they continue to insist on protecting ObamaCare.

            FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization that wants constitutional conservatives to take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.