Conservatives Say Trump Is Right On Terrorism

FedUp PAC StaffConservatives Say Trump Is Right On Terrorism

Conservatives say that Donald Trump is right about the most effective way to fight radical Islamic terrorism, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. Trump’s policy of restrictive immigration and a concerted effort to detect Islamic extremists already in the United States has the support of 98%. Only 2% backed the current Obama policy, which failed to prevent recent terrorist attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino.

Trump has been especially critical of Obama’s refusal to admit that the greatest terrorist threat to the United States comes from radical Islamists. This Obama policy was displayed on Tuesday when the official government transcript of terrorist Omar Mateen’s phone calls was edited to remove his comments expressing support for radical Islam. (A more complete transcript was made available after a public outcry.)

In contrast to Trump’s concern about continued deadly attacks by radical Islamists, some liberal Democrats in the House of Representatives followed the Orlando massacre with a demand that the Federal government divert resources to investigating potential violence by conservatives.