McConnell Must Go – and Soon!

FedUp PAC Staff

The dismal performance of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stalled conservative efforts to enact the agenda approved by the voters last year and now threatens the Republican congressional majorities put in place by voters who expected promises to be kept.

We all know the story of GOP failure in the Senate.  Repeal of ObamaCare came up three times, and each time McConnell was unable to keep the Republicans in line.  No matter what campaign promises they had made, time after time at least a handful of Republicans voted to keep ObamaCare.

Appointing conservative Federal judges was one of the most important issues motivating people who voted for Trump and Republican senators last year.  The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court raised hopes that Trump would also be able to quickly fill dozens of vacancies at the Appeals and District Court levels.  Those hopes have been dashed as McConnell allowed Senate Democrats to resort to every possible maneuver to produce delay after delay.  There are now more than 100 vacant positions, and McConnell is giving conservatives lip service instead of action.

McConnell made a firm promise that a Republican Congress would return to the legal procedure of passing twelve appropriation bills each year.  Instead, he has continued allowing the process to proceed at such a snail’s pace that Congress reaches the end of the fiscal year without appropriations and ends up passing a single massive spending bill that requires Democratic support and allows the Democrats to demand major concessions.  Democratic priorities are funded, and only building the wall is prohibited.  No wonder Federal spending and the deficit remain at astronomically high levels.

Now there is significant doubt whether McConnell will be able to steer a tax reform bill through the Senate.  If the GOP cannot even give voters a tax system that is more fair and simple, as well as providing some tax relief, many voters may see no reason to go to the polls in 2018.  With Democratic voters strongly motivated by hatred for Trump and a fanatical desire to see him impeached and removed, that could be catastrophic in the congressional elections.

But Republicans are also threatened by McConnell’s poor judgment in deciding which Republican Senate candidates deserve support, decisions influenced by his devotion to the Washington establishment.  McConnell wasted tens of millions of dollars trying in vain to nominate establishment choice Luther Strange over Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.  He threw away GOP chances in states such as Wisconsin, North Dakota and Oregon by backing establishment candidates who lost races that could have been won. He had no desire to see Republican stalwarts such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee arrive in the Senate.  He is said to be pressing Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi to run for another term even though the 80-year old Senator was recently unable to find his way to the Senate floor without being directed by an aide.  (Cochran barely survived his most recent primary when challenged by a conservative, and did so only by bringing in liberal Democratic voters.)

The record is clear.  Mitch McConnell is turning off conservative voters by his failure to prove the value of a Republican Senate and by his choice of uninspiring candidates.

Still, an election-day disaster in 2018 is not the only possibility.

FedUp PAC was founded by long-time conservative leader Richard Viguerie to take the Republican Party away from the unreliable Washington establishment and put it in the hands of trustworthy conservatives.  Two of FedUp PAC’s priorities are forcing the resignation of McConnell as Majority Leader and assisting in the election of constitutional conservatives to the House and Senate.

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