Sign the Petition to Investigate the Real Causes of Violence in Charlottesville

FedUp PAC StaffSign the Petition to Investigate the Real Causes of Violence in Charlottesville

I am writing you to ask you to sign a petition to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to order a Department of Justice investigation into the real circumstances causing of the death of three people -- including two state police officers killed in a tragic helicopter crash -- in the violence that erupted in the streets of Charlottesville on August 12. 

President Trump was right that there was violence from both sides. However, Virginia Democrats in control of the investigation and the fake news media are already whitewashing the violence of leftwing extremists. 

But first, here's some helpful context about the larger national implications, including how the Left is using Charlottesville to overturn the election of President Trump, to intimidate and silence free speech of conservatives, and to attack America's foundations of liberty and exceptionalism. 

After violent leftwing protestors called "antifa" clashed with white supremacists in Charlottesville on August 12, President Trump has been widely criticized for saying the violence should be blamed on both sides. 

He's even been called a racist for his remarks, even though his statements were accurate. Reports from the scene in Charlottesville show both sides engaging in violence. 

CNN, other media outlets, and Democrats are now labeling not just Trump and his supporters, but all Republicans as racists. Even some establishment Republicans are calling Trump a racist over this. They are politicizing the tragedy in Charlottesville, and are using Trump's remarks as yet another excuse to try to reverse the 2016 election, and remove him from office. 

The violent leftwing antifa have been responsible for mayhem and violence all around the country, not just in Charlottesville. They created mayhem and property damage in Washington, DC during President Trump's inauguration. This violence on their part is nothing new. 

And do you know what Charlottesville has in common with places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore -- and many other places where there have been other violent leftwing protests? 

These are Democrat-run cities. 

And, the police were passive or failed to stop the mayhem and violence, letting the situations get worse. 

Now, I am not blaming the police. They seemed to be under instructions from their Democrat political leaders to hold back, which let the violence escalate. We know this spread of the violence runs counter to the dedication and training of these public safety officers who protect our communities. 

Under President Obama, there were Department of Justice investigations into these incidents of violence in Democrat-run cities, but the focus was not on accountability of the Democrat public officials who ordered inaction by the police. 

Under President Trump and Attorney General Sessions, we can now have an investigation into whether the public officials are partly -- or fully -- to blame for the violence in Charlottesville. 

This is a game-changing petition to investigate the real causes of violence in Charlottesville. 

And let me tell you, this is about more than just Charlottesville, as violent leftwing protestors will continue to target rallies and citizens in other Democrat-run cities. In the weeks following Charlottesville, violent leftwing mobs shut down free speech rallies in Boston, San Francisco, and Berkeley. 

Participants in the free speech rally in Boston were forced to flee under police protection when violent antifa counter-protestors threatened their safety, hurled bottles of urine at police, and even ripped an America flag from one woman. 

The organizers of those rallies shunned white supremacists. So, this is about the First Amendment rights of opponents of the Marxist left, the rights of those who support our police, the security of our police, and more. 

The fake news liberal media and Democrats are trying to whip up a frenzy against not just reprehensible white supremacists, but against free speech and anyone who supports the Trump agenda to make America great again. 

Stella Morabito writing at The Federalist about the "big picture" of Charlottesville says: 

    "Americans are being emotionally manipulated to take up cause with those whose ultimate purpose is the repeal of the First Amendment and erasure of national memory."

So go here to sign our petition to Attorney General Sessions to investigate the root causes of the violence in Charlottesville. We can't let the false narrative win. 

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffeIt is clear from many news reports that Democrat politicians, including Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, were involved for weeks in the planning of what was to happen in response to the protests in Charlottesville. 

Democrat Gov. McAuliffe issued a statement on the day of the Charlottesville violence saying: 

    "We have maintained close contact with the Virginia State Police, the Virginia National Guard, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and other state and local officials on the ground in Charlottesville. . . . In the days and weeks leading up to this event, my Administration engaged in extensive planning and preparation to ensure that the rally in Charlottesville could be held in a safe and lawful environment."

Reports from many sources show the police failed to act when the violence began. Then an "unlawful assembly" order was issued, and the protestors were forced to leave the park where they had a rally permit, and were ushered into the streets where one young woman named Heather Heyer was killed and many other people were injured by a car that was driven into the crowd on the streets. 

It is negligence for public safety officials to allow violence by failing to act. There is even a legal doctrine called "state-created danger" when public safety officers create conditions by acting or failing to act in violent circumstances, as were present in Charlottesville. 

If the plans, orders, and decisions of the public officials contributed to or caused this violence, we need to know. 

And, the Charlottesville police acted well just over one month before in a July 8 KKK protest. Over 20 antifa counter-protesters were arrested. The chief of police, though, came under criticism by the city's leftwingers for not arresting any of the KKK protestors. 

In other words, the lack of police response at the August 12 Charlottesville protest seems clearly linked to political pressure coming from leftists -- the base of the Democrat Party. 

The City of Charlottesville announced it is ordering an "independent" investigation into the August 12 incident. But we can't trust the public officials who may have helped create the danger to carry this out. 

In fact, what the Democrat Charlottesville officials did was appoint an Obama appointee, former U.S. Attorney who happens to be married to the Secretary of the Army under Obama. This "independent" investigator supported extreme leftwing Tom Perez for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. 

This follows the pattern under Obama, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch. When Democrats were at the center of scandals, they refused to conduct objective investigations. 

Remember Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, Lois Lerner and the Tea Party, Operation Fast and Furious, and others? The Obama Justice Department did not investigate these scandals; they whitewashedthem. 

Eric Holder was even in contempt of Congress over Fast and Furious. 

In Charlottesville, how can a politically ambitious Democrat, Obama appointee, and Eric Holder protégé be counted on to fairly investigate whether the Democrat governor and other public officials in his party contributed to the violence by their plans and orders? 

The progressive Charlottesville mayor and city manager are already whitewashing the facts in leaked memos that fail to even use the word "antifa" or place any blame on the violent leftwing mobs. 

This is why I urge you to sign our petition to Attorney General Sessions so an independent investigation is conducted. 

Democrats and the fake news media such as CNN want us to ignore the violence of the leftwing antifa in Charlottesville and many other places. They are creating a false narrative that President Trump and conservatives are to blame for the white supremacists. 

Democrats have even called for President Trump's impeachment over Charlottesville! 

This is consistent with their Saul Alinsky approach, and they never let a crisis go to waste for political purposes. 

But President Trump was correct when he said both sides were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville. The pattern of leftwing violence is clear. 

And, since Democrat public officials not only controlled the events in Charlottesville, but have admitted to planning the response, they cannot credibly investigate themselves. That would certainly be another Democrat whitewash. 

This is why our petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to order a Department of Justice investigation into the real causes of violence in Charlottesville is so important, and why I am asking you and hundreds of thousands of concerned conservatives to sign it. 

We can't let another Democrat scandal be whitewashed. 

More importantly, we can't let the fake news media and Democrats create a false narrative about the violent leftwing antifa, and their attempts and fake excuses to shut down free speech. 

So please act now. I urge you to even forward this email to conservatives you know so that we concerned, grassroots Americans can push back against the false narrative that is designed to uproot the truth and American values. 

Yours in freedom, 

Richard A. Viguerie
Chairman, FedUp PAC 

P.S. Leftwing activists are vandalizing statues of American Founders such as Thomas Jefferson. Former Vice President Joe Biden writes, this is a "battle for the soul of this nation." The left is using Charlottesville as an excuse for leftwing violence and to advance their political agenda. We need an independent investigation to prevent the whitewash!