Trump’s Opportunity – The GOP Platform

FedUp PAC Staff

What will Donald Trump insist be written into the Republican platform? Judging from what leaked from a private meeting between the Executive Director of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and a group of businessmen, Trump’s priorities could bring conservatives into his camp or drive them away.

According to The Hill, RNC Executive Director Ben Key assured businessmen that the platform would not have to agree with Trump’s positions. Many businesses have been upset by Trump’s strong statements against illegal aliens and amnesty, his concern about radical Islam, and his opposition to trade agreements that infringe on American sovereignty.

Trump will certainly not get everything he wants in the platform, but the priorities he demonstrates will send an important message to conservatives. His support for securing the border with Mexico and deporting illegal aliens, his opposition to amnesty, his promise to take strong action against radical Islamic terrorists, and his harsh criticism of trade agreements are among the issues that appeal to conservatives.

If Trump is willing to fight for strong conservative positions on those issues in the platform, it will greatly encourage conservatives who are now undecided because of Trump’s constantly shifting positions on many issues. However, if Trump decides to let Big Business have its way on those matters, or shows flexibility that leads to a surrender or even a vague, uncertain compromise, conservative doubts and suspicions will reach new heights.

The Right to Life portion of the platform will also be crucial. Trump has been inconsistent on this, to put it mildly, and has indicated support for watering it down. Any moderation of this plank would undermine his standing with those who trusted Phyllis Schlafly when she vouched for Trump’s conservatism, and would be a betrayal of her as well as conservative principles.

Polling consistently shows that Trump and Clinton are in a close race. If Trump follows the example of Romney, McCain, Dole, and George H. W. Bush by taking conservative support for granted, he will join them as losers.

If Trump gives conservatives reasons to join his coalition, he can capitalize on Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity and make it to the White House.

Will the platform be written to satisfy cronyism for Big Business or the principles of grass roots conservatives? That decision may decide the 2016 election.

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