Where Does Trump Really Stand?

FedUp PAC Staff

Donald Trump’s supporters believe that his record as a businessman proves his competence to run the Federal government as president. However, many Americans are not convinced, and Trump must win their votes if he is to pull ahead of Hillary Clinton.

If Trump cannot persuade them, he will lose in November.

A major problem for Trump has been his constant flip-flopping on many issues. This gives voters the impression that he is unfamiliar with America’s problems and lacks carefully thought-out plans for dealing with them.

There have been many examples of this flip-flopping. He called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration before explaining that it was only a suggestion. Trump claimed that he could pay off the entire national debt in eight years, then backed down. The tariff he would have Congress impose on China started at 45%, but since then has been 35% and 25%.

He was against an increase in the Federal minimum wage, then for it, then against it because of the damage it would do but in favor of having it done by the states.

Trump promised to make public a list from which he would make his Supreme Court choices, then provided a list which he said was simply an example of the type of judges he would choose, but not the actual list.

His tax plan is one of the few clear and specific proposals offered by his campaign, but it contradicted his earlier description of the changes he wanted to make. More recently, he has cast doubt on whether the tax plan is anything more than a conversation starter, with the possibility of negotiating a tax increase with Democrats clearly on the table.

He switched from being pro-abortion to pro-life, then praised Planned Parenthood and supported continuation of their taxpayer funding. He said that the law should require punishments for women who have abortions, then reversed himself before the day was over, but also called for changes in the Republican platform.

Trump has proclaimed himself a non-interventionist, especially in the Middle East, but he has also promised to escalate Obama’s current war in the Middle East.

Many voters are not willing to support a candidate whose positions on key issues are constantly changing. Americans want to know what their votes will accomplish if they put Trump in the White House. Today, many are not sure.

Ronald Reagan understood that, when dealing with Congress, he might be forced to accept half a loaf. Nevertheless, he made clear what his goals were and he fought for them.

Trump must follow that example. He should leave no doubt exactly what his policies are, and that he will fight to get as much as he possibly can. Wavering, flip-flopping, and backtracking will not get him into the White House. It is time to stand firm on conservative principles.

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