Will Radical Leftist Violence Stop Trump?

FedUp PAC Staff

The intolerant violence of the radical left has already succeeded in occasionally silencing Donald Trump, as when it forced the cancelation of his March 11 rally in Chicago.

Now the threat of violence may be reaching a new high with an article by Huffington Post blogger Jesse Benn defending and commending the use of violence against Trump. To hear Benn tell it, any violence should be blamed entirely on Trump for challenging leftist dogmas. Furthermore, violence should be recognized as the proper and most effective way of silencing Trump and those who are unwilling to meekly accept the left’s agenda. Anything less than violent resistance to Trump is to be seen as giving in to American fascism.

The appearance of such an article on a mainstream liberal website marks the crossing of an important line. Until now, American liberals have usually at least gone through the motions of denouncing violence and calling for peaceful forms of conflict. Advice such as Benn’s could turn the Republican National Convention – and every Trump campaign appearance – into a warzone.

Such violence (and incitement to violence) is a threat to the American political system. It should be one of the biggest topics in the news media. Instead, it has joined Hillary Clinton’s email scandal as something to be mentioned only when unavoidable, then quickly dropped while moving on to the next attack on Trump, Republicans, and conservatives.

The left may believe that violence is its “secret weapon” against Trump. However, they could soon discover that American law enforcement is still capable of defending political freedom. Despite poorly-informed criticism of police officers, and the well-documented “Ferguson effect”, it is likely that Donald Trump will receive the protection he needs to make his case to the American people.

Violence aimed at Trump and other Republicans may even turn the voters against the rioters, as it did in 1968. Americans tend to have little patience with such tactics. Violence could give Trump the extra support he needs to reach the White House.

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