Establishment Republicans Failed to Nationalize the PA Election

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PACRichard A Viguerie

CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie issued the following statement in the aftermath of the Republican Party's shameful performance in the Pennsylvania District 18 Special Congressional Election:

“The GOP’s abysmal results in the Pennsylvania Special Congressional Election were entirely predictable. To maintain or grow their majorities Republican must field high-energy candidates who will run as conservatives, nationalize the election, and brand the Democrats as the Party of Nancy Pelosi: Far Left radicals who want open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, higher taxes, abortion on demand, more government and regulation, and who are weak on national defense and the war on terror, and wrong on the cultural issues,” said conservative direct marketing pioneer Richard Viguerie.

“Voters never reward you for what you have done in the past, every election is about the future – if you don’t believe that see what happened to Winston Churchill,” said Viguerie. “Republicans who listen to DC consultants and run content-free campaigns talking about tax cuts and what little else Congress has accomplished are going to lose,” concluded Mr. Viguerie.