Rush Mentions My Pioneering of Today’s Election Communications

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PACI Get A Nice Mention On Rush

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh gave me a nice mention on his program. Rush’s point was that the targeting of voters based on such markers as their consumer habits and other behavior has been around politics for a long time, and that the whole Cambridge Analytica "scandal" is a fake news scandal.

Here's what Rush said:

"You remember Richard Viguerie? Does the name ring a bell? What was Richard Viguerie’s claim to fame, Mr. Snerdley? Richard Viguerie was the direct mail king. Richard Viguerie figured out how to use, and so did Karl Rove. Karl Rove put himself on the Republican map by being able to target direct mail to the right people. You drive through a neighborhood and you see a guy that’s got a concrete birdbath in the front yard, or this or that, you figure the guy’s a do-it-yourselfer. So you direct mail him in ways that appeal to him to get him to vote for your guy."


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