Will Mueller Hand Democrats the 2018 Elections?

FedUp PAC StaffWill Mueller Hand Democrats the 2018 Elections

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has dropped all pretense of impartiality.  He is now openly a member of the Resistance, operating what amounts to a taxpayer-funded independent expenditure campaign against President Trump.

Unfortunately, Mueller’s campaign could be very effective in swinging this year’s elections to the Democrats, leading to the impeachment of the President.

It has become obvious in recent weeks that Mueller has not been able to prove “collusion” with Russia by President Trump.  Nor is it likely that he can make a serious case for obstruction of justice.  Instead, Mueller had been reduced to the “Scooter Libby gambit”, indicting people for making false statements to investigators even though these people had committed no previous crime.

Such a feeble achievement must have been a blow to Mueller’s ego, especially after the media had portrayed him as the giant-killer who would single-handedly bring down the President.

Unwilling to go down in history as a failure, Mueller has opened a new front in his campaign against Trump by going after Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.  This outrageous move caused even the very liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz to say that Trump should use “every legal tactic available to him” to fight back.

FBI agents have taken documents that included communication between Trump and his attorney, apparently relating to payments of “hush money” to women claiming to have had affairs with Trump many years ago.

This has allowed the media to go after Trump, using such headlines as “President Trump has never been in more trouble than right now” and claiming that Trump is at “a new level of desperation.”

What hypocrisy!  Twenty years ago the media was insisting that President Clinton’s sex life should be off limits to investigation, even if it involved perjury and obstruction of justice.  We should just “move on”, we were told. 

But the media loved Clinton, and hate Trump.  Following a double standard does not worry them at all. 

We can expect the media to pull out all the stops against Trump, speculating endlessly without facts, and encouraging voters to believe that President Trump must have committed numerous crimes that justify impeachment.

Democratic voters are already strongly motivated to turn out in 2018 and cast what they see as a vote for Trump’s impeachment. 

Now the media hopes to persuade independent voters to jump on the impeachment bandwagon.

It might work – unless we do something about it.

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We saw how well this worked in 2016 as one targeted state after another lined up behind Trump on election night.

We can – and must – do this again in 2018.  We must not allow this to go down in history as the year of the “Impeachment Election.”

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