Battleground States Lining Up Behind Hillary

FedUp PAC Staff

 All states are not created equal.  As usual, this year’s presidential election will be decided in about a dozen “battleground” states where the outcome is in doubt, while the winner in the remaining states can easily be predicted.

 Not long ago, Hillary Clinton was in deep trouble in those battleground states.  Not only was she trailing in Ohio and Florida, but even Pennsylvania was moving away from her.  Smaller states such as New Hampshire, Iowa, and Nevada also had slipped away from Clinton.

 Today, polling shows all those states looking more like Clinton territory.  Even some states that voted for Romney, such as North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia appear increasingly winnable for her.

 Nothing but a massive effort to stop Clinton in these battleground states can keep Hillary Clinton and her radical left agenda out of the White House.

 Fortunately, FedUp PAC has announced a campaign to do just that  -- and you can help. 

 The “My Own Super PAC” campaign targets only registered independent voters in the battleground states.  No money will be wasted on Democrats, Republicans, or the unregistered.

 Oversized postcards will be sent to these voters, filled with information on why Clinton must never be president.  We know how to make the case that electing Hillary Clinton would be the end of America as we know it.

 This is far superior to TV and radio advertising, which reach mostly people who cannot vote or have already decided on a candidate.  And each postcard we send should be seen by at least two people.

 FedUP PAC will print these postcard ads on thick, heavy paper so they stand out in the voter's mailbox. Each one will give a clear warning to the voter about the dangers of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.
We will encourage all who receive a My Own Super PAC ad to make copies of them and pass them out to friends, relatives, and associates at work, and then to go to the polls in November to vote and defeat Hillary.
For every $1, you can reach two registered independent voters in a battleground state with a detailed mailing on why a Hillary Clinton Presidency would mean the end of America as you and I know it.

And there is no limit on contributions to FedUp PAC.  We can even accept donations from your business.

Time is growing short.  Hillary Clinton is establishing a big lead.  We must act now – but we need your help.

Your $100 will extend the reach of one of our ads to 200 independent voters in a crucial battleground state.
Your even larger $250, $500, $1,000, or more donation will have that much larger of an impact on the battleground states. What's more, your donation will help FedUp PAC support conservative candidates and the work of other conservative groups.

Please help today, while there is still time.