Clinton-Media Alliance Is Moving Full Speed Ahead

FedUp PAC Staff

Right on cue, the liberal media have come to the rescue of Hillary Clinton and her faltering campaign. If the most recent polls are accurate, they have done their job well and have restored her lead in the race for the White House.

New reports have praised the Democratic National Convention for its contrast to the Republicans, describing it as more diverse, more positive and optimistic, even more in line with the approach of Ronald Reagan (no mention, of course, of the hateful comments by those same Democrats when Reagan was president).

Much of the Democratic platform was ignored by the media. Were you told that a 35-page platform included only two paragraphs, on page 28, about dealing with the Islamic State? The platform included nearly as much space praising the Iran deal, with no mention of how it is likely to empower terrorists.

Did you know that it calls for giving Washington, D.C. two senators of its own, as well as representation in the House? Did you see any news coverage of the platform’s demand to close the prison at Guantanamo and to welcome more refugees?

Did you notice that the “diversity” of the convention included giving an honored place to the mother of Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Missouri thug who robbed a store and attacked a police officer? Hillary Clinton’s convention acted as if Brown were an innocent victim, when in fact the police officer killed Brown in self-defense. Even Eric Holder’s Justice Department admitted that much. But the media buried that story.

The media should be investigating the Clinton Foundation’s connections with Russia, and asking whether that influenced Clinton’s pro-Russia policies as Secretary of State. Instead, they are diverting attention by focusing on the alleged Russian hacking and Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff comments.

The media should be talking about how Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, failed to protect the four Americans killed by terrorists in Benghazi, then participated in the cover-up. They should be asking about her role in pulling out of Iraq and leaving it vulnerable to invasion by the Islamic State. Instead, they are swooning over the speech by the father of a Muslim American soldier.

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