Commies for Clinton?

FedUp PAC StaffCommies for Clinton?

The Communist Party has organized the Don’t Vote for Trump Committee according to documents filed with the Federal Election Committee.

Communist Party USA Chairman John Bachtell, in an interview with U.S. New and World Report, confirmed that he has decided to cast his vote for Clinton. He described that as the “realistic” choice for Communists this year. The Party officially endorsed Clinton in February.

In an article on the Party’s website, Bachtell emphasized that the Communist goal is to “break the GOP grip on Congress, statehouses and governorships.” He predicted that building an alliance with Democrats would be easier if Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders for the presidential nomination. Bachtell said that “on all major democratic issues and demands, . . Clinton is on the right side.”

Will the media now confront Clinton and ask whether she welcomes or repudiates this endorsement?

Donald Trump has been asked that question regarding any supporter who is the least bit controversial.

Is the failure to put Clinton on the spot another example of the media’s double standard? Or does it demonstrate that the media find nothing controversial about being supported by the Communist Party?