Conservatives Believe Hillary is Guilty

FedUp PAC Staff

Conservatives think Hillary Clinton is “guilty of breaking the law regarding the handling of classified information”, according to a poll conducted by FedUp PAC. That is the opinion of 99%, with 1% undecided.

The FBI is currently investigating Clinton’s use of a private server for all of her official business as Secretary of State, despite a policy that State Department employees should use the more secure government-provided email accounts. Clinton is known to have sent or received thousands of emails containing classified information, including some that were Top Secret.

Several of Clinton’s employees have already been questioned by the FBI, with more to come. One has been granted immunity in return for his testimony.

Clinton’s use of a private server did more than put classified information at risk. It also evaded the Freedom of Information Act by keeping her communications out of reach of State Department employees responding to requests for information.