Conservatives Praise and Support Gorsuch After Hearings

FedUp PAC StaffConservatives Praise and Support Gorsuch After Hearings

Conservatives praised the performance of Judge Neil Gorsuch in his confirmation hearings according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

Gorsuch proved that President Trump “made an excellent choice” said 98%, while only 2% disagreed.

Gorsuch, in his testimony, confidently proclaimed that judges must interpret the Constitution and the laws as written and intended, rather than substituting the judges’ personal preferences. He did not budge when Democratic senators encouraged him to accept the concept of a “living Constitution”, in which none of our rights would be safe from revocation by the Supreme Court.

Polls taken during last year’s campaign consistently showed that Trump was substantially helped by the support of voters who feared that Hillary Clinton’s appointments would lock in a liberal Supreme Court majority for many years to come. Trump pledged to appoint conservative justices and the Gorsuch nomination has been seen by conservatives as the faithful fulfillment of that pledge.

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