Conservatives Stand with Trump on Climate Agreement Withdrawal

FedUp PAC StaffConservatives Stand with Trump on Climate Agreement Withdrawal

Conservatives stand firmly behind President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Obama’s Paris Climate Agreement, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. The withdrawal was supported by 96% of respondents. Another 1% favor working from within the agreement to moderate its anti-energy proposals.

Most of the anti-energy policies which President Obama had put in place to implement the agreement have already been suspended by Federal courts or reversed by President Trump. Withdrawal was a key campaign promise made by Trump last year, and it helped him win vital states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The Paris agreement is acknowledged by its backers to be flawed. Even if each nation were to follow through on its pledges it would have very little effect on the environment in return for the suffering it would cause. Their hope is to follow up with much more extreme and more painful restrictions on energy than those begun by Obama. Some supporters of the agreement have conceded that they know of no practical way of putting their policies into effect.

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