DACA Surrender Would Cripple Trump’s Immigration Policy

FedUp PAC Staff

            The bipartisan Washington establishment is pushing hard for a deal to write the DACA amnesty into law – something Republicans refused to do when Obama was president – in the hope that it will leave President Trump unable to carry out his other promises on illegal aliens.

            The negotiations for a hasty agreement on DACA – outlined by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer with the approval of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan – could demoralize millions of Trump supporters who voted for him because of his tough stand on illegal aliens, including a promise to “immediately terminate” DACA.  It would make Trump an ally of the establishment swamp he so often promised to drain, and shake confidence in his intent to shake up Washington.

            The one-sided deal would apparently give the establishment everything it wants, while providing nothing of substance for those who want to deal with the consequences of massive illegal immigration.

            There would be no funding for construction of a wall on the Mexican border, merely the vague promises of additional border security which have so often been made and broken before.  The Republican spending bill now moving through Congress already includes additional funding for border security improvements (but not the wall) and it appears that this may be treated retroactively as the “concession” by the Democrats.

            There would be no additional resources to deport the millions of illegal aliens currently taking jobs from Americans, in violation of Federal law. 

            There would be no attempt to determine which of the DACA beneficiaries actually were brought to the United States by their parents.  DACA sign-ups were based entirely on age, allowing those who entered the United States alone and by their own decision to qualify.

            There would be nothing to prevent those legalized under DACA from then gaining legal status for their family members, including those family members who are acknowledged to have broken the law.

            There would be nothing to discourage future illegal arrivals, hoping to at least gain legal status for their children.

            It’s a losing proposition for the Trump agenda, and would be a clear sign that a united Washington establishment can get the ball rolling on amnesty while leaving the President’s hands tied, denied the funding to pursue his policies of border protection and deportation.

            But the fundamental problem here is the Republican establishment, especially those in Congress.  Their opposition has put Trump in a position of weakness, unable to muster a majority for his own policies.

            And the only alternative is to replace them with constitutional conservatives who will join President Trump in his efforts to fully enforce our immigration laws.

            That means challenging these senators and representatives in the 2018 primaries.  Primaries are the only opportunity to choose someone better, since there is no chance that the Democrats will nominate a superior candidate.

            FedUp PAC is already preparing for those primaries, but we must build up a financial war chest.

            We proved in 2016 that a relatively small amount of money, measured in tens of thousands of dollars rather than millions, can win key states if it is carefully targeted to certain swing voters.

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            Don’t let the GOP establishment continue to undermine President Trump.

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