DNC Scandal Adds to Hillary’s Woes

FedUp PAC StaffDNC Scandal Adds to Hillary’s Woes

Just when Hillary Clinton is slipping in the polls and desperately needs good news, the leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have proved that the nomination battle was rigged in her favor. The resignation of DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a recognition of what Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders said all along – that the DNC was supporting establishment-oriented Clinton and sabotaging outsider Sanders.

It had already been obvious that the Democratic debate schedule was arranged to make it difficult for any other candidate to get public attention and successfully challenge Clinton. The debates were scheduled for times when fewer people were likely to watch.

The emails show DNC officials actually plotting to help Clinton by discrediting Sanders. One suggested trying to expose Sanders as an atheist, while another has a Clinton attorney describing how the DNC should respond to a Sanders comment by openly attacking him and defending Clinton.

Anti-Clinton demonstrations outside the Philadelphia convention may become even stronger now that it is known beyond doubt that Democratic insiders were stacking the deck for Hillary. If such demonstrations turn violent, it would show a sharp contrast with last week’s Republican convention, when pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators coexisted peacefully and mingled in a friendly way with each other and police.