Five States Will Decide Whether Hillary Wins or Loses – and You Can Help Make the Difference

FedUp PAC Staff

 It was a bad week for Hillary Clinton.  Bill Clinton told the truth for once, calling ObamaCare a crazy idea that could never work.  Yet Hillary continues to support this program that is on the verge of collapse and survives only through government subsidies.

 Then came the Vice Presidential debate, and Gov. Mike Pence reminded voters why they fear a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Hillary Clinton will push for a massive tax increase, followed by an even larger spending increase.  She will put through more regulations, making it even harder for businesses to create new jobs.  Her foreign policy is likely to just as big a disaster as those she brought about as Secretary of State when she cozied up to Putin, allowed Iraq to become vulnerable to the Islamic State, and helped turn Libya into a base for Islamic terrorists.  

 Pence’s truth-telling was so effective that Sen. Tim Kaine felt compelled to interrupt repeatedly, hoping to keep voters from hearing the hard facts.  He resorted to outright lies, claiming that Hillary had been Secretary of State in 2008 when the U.S imposed sanction on Russia.  He also repeated her assertion that the Bush tax cuts of 2001 caused the Great Recession – something which The Washington Post fact-checker had already dismissed as “rhetorical poppycock.”

 It was clear that Pence won the debate, and that undecided voters who saw it would be unlikely to vote for Hillary.

 But the audience for that debate was alarmingly small.  In fact, it was less than half the size of the first presidential debate, and less than four years ago.

 That means many undecided voters still need to be informed and persuaded.

 You can help expose her radical agenda by clicking here to join My Own Super PAC and sending hard-hitting postcards to independent voters in the five most critical battleground states.  Every dollar you send to My Own Super PAC will get the message to two independent voters.

 The news media will try to bury Tuesday’s debate.

 They will do everything they possibly can to protect Hillary.

 That’s why My Own Super PAC must contact as many independent voters as possible in the five key swing states – Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada and New Hampshire.  Every dollar you send to My Own Super PAC will put important facts about Hillary Clinton’s radical agenda in front of the independent voters who will decide whether Clinton makes it to the White House.

 Voters need to know that Clinton’s own words confirm her plan to criminalize Christianity and censor criticism of Islam.

 Voters need to know that Clinton supports a 550% increase in Syrian refugees in the United States.

 Voters need to know about her plans for massive increases in taxes and spending.

 The truth can beat Hillary Clinton.  If you become a part of My Own Super PAC – an investor, so to speak – we can get the truth about Hillary into the hands of the small number of voters who will choose the winner of this election.

 I know this will work because I was one of the pioneers in using political mail.  My work helped bring about the election of Ronald Reagan and many other conservatives, and it can defeat Hillary Clinton.

 All I need is your help, by taking part in My Own Super PAC.  Your donation of $20 will let My Own Super PAC reach 40 independent voters in a key battleground state.  $50 will tell the dangerous truth about Hillary to 100 voters.  $1,000 will reach 2,000 voters.

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 You can even make a corporate donation.

 What’s important is to act quickly.  Voting has already begun in some states, with more about to open their doors to “early voting” and “no excuses absentee” voting.  We don’t have a day to spare.

 Please click here to make your donation to My Own Super PAC today.  Let’s hit Hillary Clinton with the one weapon she can’t overcome – the truth about her left-wing plan for America.



Richard A. Viguerie
Chairman, FedUp Political Action Committee
Founder of "My Own Super PAC"

P.S.  We can beat Hillary Clinton if independent voters in key battleground states know what she plans to do to America.  That’s why My Own Super PAC needs your support today.  Every dollar you send allows My Own Super PAC to reach two independent voters.