If Donald Trump Can't Stand Losers, How Can He Tolerate RyanCare?

Jeffrey A. RendallIf Donald Trump Can't Stand Losers, How Can He Tolerate RyanCare?

"Why wouldn’t the Republicans pass the best repeal and free market conservative replace bill they can in the House and dare Democrats to filibuster and kill it in the Senate? That way Republicans do their duty to the country by repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something that could genuinely improve the system. If Democrats kill the bill then they are the ones stuck with the Obamacare collapse.

If the proper strategy is clear to those of us who aren’t paid big bucks to give Republican leaders advice, how can all of this be so complicated?

To present alternatives -- that’s the job of our elected representatives. The brilliant purpose of the Founding Fathers’ divided government system was to ensure legislating is a slow and deliberative process that requires general consensus to pass. The Republican House leadership is acting just like the Democrats did before jamming through Obamacare – putting a bill together in secret (with only leaders’ pets doing the work), not allowing for debate or amendments, strong-arming members to vote for it and all the while telling the public that “Hey, this is great, why are you people so dumb you can’t realize what you’re getting?”

The desire of the Republican leadership to present their own version of Obamacare does not trump (pardon the pun) the People’s right to examine legislation, suggest changes and work through the political process to confirm laws are beneficial to Americans.

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