Less Than 10 Days to Act on Supreme Court

FedUp PAC Staff

 Next week, Monday, March 20, the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin its hearings on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.  At that point, the fight over the nomination will move into high gear and may be decided, one way or the other, in just a week or two.

 If Democrats are able to block the nomination of Judge Gorsuch, the Supreme Court seat once occupied by Antonin Scalia is likely to either remain vacant (which will allow the appeals courts filled with liberal Obama appointees to have the final say in many cases), or Trump will have to choose a nominee dictated by Senate Democrats.

 Either way, our rights would be in danger.  Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, gun ownership, fair elections, privacy from government snooping, and many others might not survive.

 Judge Gorsuch must be confirmed!

 Please contact your two US Senators and tell them to support Judge Gorsuch.  You may call them through the Congressional switchboard (202-224-3121) or send an email by going to https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm?OrderBy=state&Sort=ASC to find your senators.

 If one of your senators is on the Judiciary Committee, it is especially urgent that he hear from you immediately. 

 These are the committee members.

 Chuck Grassley           Iowa

Orrin Hatch                  Utah

Lindsey Graham          South Carolina

John Cornyn                Texas

Michael Lee                 Utah

Ted Cruz                      Texas

Ben Sasse                     Nebraska

Jeff Flake                     Arizona

Mike Crapo                  Idaho

Thom Tillis                  North Carolina

John Kennedy              Louisiana

Diane Feinstein            California

 PatrickLeahy               Vermont

 Dick Durbin                 Illinois

 Sheldon Whitehouse   Rhode Island

 Amy Klobuchar           Minnesota

 Al Franken                   Minnesota

 Christopher Coons      Delaware

 Richard Blumenthal    Connecticut

 Mazie Hirono              Hawaii


Please do not delay.  Your senators need to hear from you right away.  Democrats will attempt to do to Gorsuch exactly what they did to Robert Bork.  We must put maximum pressure on Senators, including Democrats, to announce their support for Judge Gorsuch.