Our Constitutional Rights Depend on Gorsuch Confirmation

FedUp PAC StaffOur Constitutional Rights Depend on Gorsuch Confirmation

Every American has a lot on the line when Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing begins at 11:00 AM on Monday. With four solid liberals on the Supreme Court, we must confirm a man whose decisions will be faithful to the Constitution instead of undermining it.

Consider what we lose if liberals gain full control of the Court.

Our First Amendment right to religious freedom was barely upheld in the Hobby Lobby case, with the late Justice Scalia in the majority. Liberals would love to overturn that decision and force Christian business owners into violations of conscience. They are also within one vote of overturning the most recent decision allowing governing bodies to open each session with a prayer.

And there are many on the Left who hope to deprive churches of their tax-exempt and tax-deductible status, or to at least make it dependent on conforming to political correctness such as approving homosexuality and hiring homosexual clergy.

Freedom of speech, especially political speech, is also in danger. Citizens United is merely one example of a recent case that would likely be overturned by a liberal court. We already have liberal mobs denying conservatives the right to speak. We must not let the Supreme Court reinforce their effects.

The right of gun owners, secured by a 5-4 decision, would disappear. Hillary Clinton was very clear in saying that every justice she appointed would effectively remove the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. That would surely be true of any liberal justice.

Free elections also hang in the balance. With Scalia, the Court had allowed states to require photo ID for voters, but liberals are determined to remove this protection against fraud. Furthermore, liberal judges at lower levels are already forcing states into pro-Democratic gerrymandering, and only the Supreme Court stands in their way.

The liberals on the Court have been giving signals recently that declaring the death penalty unconstitutional is back on their agenda. One more vote would probably be all they need.

Affirmative action survived last year when Justice Kennedy changed his position, but some believe that he was motivated by the expectation that Hillary Clinton would be appointing Scalia’s replacement, making resistance futile. Confirmation of Gorsuch could stiffen his spine and give us another shot at eliminating reverse discrimination.

The list goes on and on. We cannot afford to lose Scalia’s seat. However, the far left is putting immense pressure on Democratic Senators, threatening to defeat them in primaries if they vote to confirm Gorsuch or break a filibuster.

That kind of pressure can only be overcome by even more pressure from Gorsuch supporters. These senators must be made to realize that a vote against Gorsuch means defeat in November 2018.

Ten key Senators running for reelection next year, nine of them representing states that voted for Donald Trump, have not yet taken a position on Gorsuch. These ten – Bill Nelson (FL), Joe Donnelly (IN), Angus King (ME), Debbie Stabenow (MI), Claire McCaskill (MO), Jon Tester (MT), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Bob Casey (PA), Tim Kaine (VA), and Joe Manchin (WV) – are the most important targets.

Call your Senators today (202-224-3121 is the Capitol switchboard), especially if one of these ten represents your state.