RINO Big Spenders Do Obama One Better

FedUp PAC StaffRINO Big Spenders Do Obama One Better

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s refusal to endorse Republican Presidential nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump has attracted a great deal of media attention this month. The fact that the media has a bee in its bonnet over the Trump-Ryan battle for most-prominent in the GOP has crowded out just about everything else happening on Capitol Hill -- especially one development that largely explains how Trump has managed to rise so far so fast.

It wasn’t exactly big news at first that the U.S. Senate a few weeks ago approved a spending bill for energy and water development projects, even if it was the first appropriations bill the Senate passed since 2009. After all, what seemed like a routine government spending measure sailed to passage by an overwhelming 90-8 margin. Not until conservative bloggers started taking a closer look did it become clear that there was more to this legislation than meets the eye. Not only did the new energy and water bill spend $335 million more than last year, but the Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) who control the Senate loaded up the bill with $261 million more than even big-government disciple Barack Obama had requested.

If you’re guessing that U.S. Senate Majority Leader and head Senate RINO Mitch McConnell’s fingerprints are all over this budget-buster, you would be right on the mark. One of McConnell’s trusted lieutenants and fellow RINO Senator Lamar Alexander even fixed things so that conservative amendments to the bill would need 60 votes to pass, virtually guaranteeing the “clean” bill McConnell wants to prove to voters in November that Republicans are capable of “governing.” Apparently, the 44 Senate Republicans who voted in lockstep with McConnell and Alexander are more worried about public relations than the crushing $19 trillion public debt they are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

The whole scene was more than real-deal conservative GOP Senator Mike Lee of Utah could bear. Heroic defender of smaller government that he is, Senator Lee remarked that the bill was “simply unacceptable in a time of rising debt and slower economic growth.” He went on to add that “we’re never going to get our nation’s rising deficits under control until we can stick to our agreements on spending levels.” However, as so often happens in the RINO-infested U.S. Senate, Lee’s warning fell on deaf ears.

This sorry excuse for “governing” that unfolded on the U.S. Senate floor recently is an all-too-painful reminder of how the successful, hard-fought battle to turn over control of the U.S. Senate to Republicans just two years ago turned out to be little more than fool’s gold.

Senate leader McConnell and the entire Senate RINO establishment cartel have shown grassroots conservatives that they had no intention of using a GOP majority to slam the brakes on Obama’s outrageous deficit spending and executive overreach. The result of this betrayal is now obvious: Frustrated Republican and independent conservatives have flocked to the cause of Donald Trump for President because they simply do not trust sell-out RINOs like Mitch McConnell to do what’s necessary to turn this country around, and who can blame them?

It’s worth remembering that if or when Trump does not turn out to be the Republican Presidential nominee that many conservative had hoped for, don’t blame Trump. He never claimed to be a constitutional conservative in the first place. Instead, hold responsible RINOs like Mitch McConnell who through multiple acts of betraying what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for drove so many grassroots conservatives to Donald Trump’s side. Reap the whirlwind, Senator McConnell, reap the whirlwind.

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