Same Old Dishonest Hillary

FedUp PAC Staff

 Dishonesty comes to Hillary Clinton as naturally as breathing.

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 FBI Director James Comey tore apart Clinton’s defense of her careless handling of State Department emails.  There was classified information.  Some of it was marked classified.  It was in what she sent as well as what she received.  She never asked for nor received permission from the State Department to violate its rules.  The emails she tried to keep secret included “thousands” that were related to the State Department.  Her employees feared that Clinton’s email had been hacked.  No other Secretary of State had ever used a private server for all emails.

 Yet Hillary, having been exposed as a liar, continues to lie.  She told Chris Wallace, on national TV, “Director Comey said my answers were truthful.”  In a later interview, she repeated her claim.

 Clinton simply cannot admit that her “extreme carelessness” with highly classified information proved that she is unfit to serve as president.

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 Now we are finding that newly released emails from her staff show unethical connections between the Clinton Foundation, its donors, and the State Department.  No one who has read Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash will be surprised to find that Clinton Foundation donors could expect special favors from a State Department run by Hillary Clinton.

 Imagine what she can do for those donors as President, running the entire Federal government.

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 Hillary Clinton will become President unless you and I stop her.  Your “FedUp with Hillary’s Dishonesty” is one way to keep her out of the White House.