Time for Republicans to Speak the Truth About Phony Russia Scandal

FedUp PAC StaffTime for Republicans to Speak the Truth About Phony Russia Scandal

Imagine that someone had contacted Hillary Clinton and set up a meeting, claiming to be a Russian with information about a connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s campaign.  Would anyone have accused her of a campaign finance violation?  Would the media claim that she was involved in unethical or illegal “collusion” with foreigners?

Of course not.  Clinton would have been portrayed as a fine, upstanding citizen, doing her patriotic duty by checking into such charges.

Asking and answering the question highlights the hypocrisy of the uproar over Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with an attorney who claimed to have information about an illegal connection between the Russian government and the Democrats.  Was he supposed to help cover up an alleged crime, or find out more about it?

Trump’s critics are not motivated by an abstract desire to protect America from Russian meddling.

The real reason behind these frantic accusations is a determination to destroy Trump’s presidency and remove him from office (and Vice President Pence as well).  They see that Trump is dismantling the Obama legacy as fast as executive power and a slow-moving Congress will allow, and they are desperate to stop him.

Trump has already eliminated much of Obama’s “climate change” regulatory scheme, which was intended to control and reduce our use of energy.

Trump is trying to repeal ObamaCare, which was intended to control our health care choices.

Trump is remaking the Federal judiciary, filling dozens of vacancies with constitutional conservatives, unlike the liberal Obama appointees who regard the Constitution as a blank sheet on which they can write whatever they please.

Trump is working to close the southern border, and has begun rounding up the illegal aliens who were protected by Obama.

What is at stake here is whether the will of the voters, clearly expressed by electing Trump president and putting the GOP in control of Congress, will be overturned by a small elite who believe they can kick Trump out of the White House and preserve the old Obama policies.

With so much at stake, why aren’t we hearing more from the Republicans in Congress?  Ted Cruz has been fearlessly leading the way, pushing for ObamaCare repeal and tax reform, and introducing Trump’s term limits amendment.  A few other conservatives have also been trying to implement the 2016 mandate from the voters.

But where is the GOP leadership?  Where are Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?  Why are so many other Republican congressmen missing in action when Democrats and their allies in the news media attack the President 24 hours a day?

How many of them have you heard defending the President from this latest alleged “scandal”?  The media have been delighted to run stories about their silence, and how they want to distance themselves from Trump.

Let them know you are tired of waiting for them to speak out.  Call Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan at 202-224-3121 (the capitol switchboard), demand that they issue a statement forcefully defending Trump against this latest phony “scandal”, and tell them to send you a copy of the statement.

If your representative and senators are Republicans, you can reach them at the same number and make the same demands.

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