Trump Gets It Right, Media Is Wrong on Texas Shooting

FedUp PAC Staff

President Trump quickly and correctly described the Sutherland Springs shooting as “a mental health problem”, and was immediately denounced by the media.  Trump had the last laugh when it became known that the gunman had spent time in a mental health facility only a few years ago.

No, the media did not apologize to the President, nor did they ease up in their demands for gun control.

A careful reading of the comments by the gun-grabbers reveals that they either avoid mentioning specific measures that should be taken, or they fall back on the same old litany of controls that would not have made any difference in Sutherland Springs or many other shootings.

A Washington Post editorial demanded “meaningful steps” but the closest it came to specifics was a favorable reference to “sensible and effective gun control in other countries” – an apparent endorsement of mass gun confiscation which would violate the Second Amendment.

Left-wing columnist Eugene Robinson claimed that it is easier to buy a gun than to register to vote – as if a background check is required for voter registration.

Background checks, so often hyped by gun control advocates, did nothing to protect the worshippers at the First Baptist Church because government bureaucrats failed to put Kelly’s name on the prohibited list. 

One-gun a month laws?  Kelly acquired four guns over the course of four years.

Ban “large capacity magazines”?  Kelly was described by survivors as slowly and methodically targeting and shooting his victims.  Fifteen empty magazines were found inside the church.  Taking time to replace the empty magazines apparently did not provide an opportunity for any unarmed person to stop him.

Prohibit so-called “assault weapons”?  A study by Bill Clinton’s Justice Department found no reason to believe that it had any effect when it was previously the law.

Worst of all for the anti-gun crowd was the way Kelly was stopped.  An armed citizen shot him twice, forcing him to leave the church and eventually take his own life to avoid capture.  Even worse for the anti-Second Amendment crowd, the weapon used to stop Kelly was the much-demonized AR-15.

Yes, a good guy with a gun (an “assault-style” gun, in this case) is the only effective way to defend ourselves against such people as Devin Patrick Kelly.

When Texas made it legal for churchgoers to take their guns with them to church, liberals mocked the law, asking why anyone would need to have a gun in church.

The answer is now clear.

Fortunately, President Trump is not Hillary Clinton.  While Clinton promised to appoint Supreme Court justices who would gut the Second Amendment, Trump has stood firm on protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

That’s a difference that should make all of us grateful that Donald Trump is in the White House.