This will “drive” Hillary nuts

FedUp PAC Staff

 Now with the GOP convention over, it’s our turn in the grassroots to help defeat dishonest Hillary -- everywhere we drive.  The November elections will be here sooner than we think, so we need to act fast.

 You and FedUp Political Action Committee are on the way to putting bumper stickers on cars and trucks across America.

 You see it above.  It would look even better on your car, and the cars of dozens of your friends who love America.

 Dishonest Hillary is about to be “coronated” by the Democrats.

 Good people who love America are Fed Up with Dishonest Hillary.  We need to stop her now.

 And you can be a part of it by passing out a bumper sticker to your friends and relatives, Please go here to make a minimum order of 10 bumper stickers for $20.

If you would like 25 "Fed Up" bumper stickers to distribute, we ask that you send a minimum donation of $50.

FedUp Political Action Committee is not satisfied to just distribute these bumper stickers - as important as that is.

We’re also going to help you be your own “Super PAC” by sending ads to defeat Hillary into critical battleground states.

 In fact, the project is called "My Own Super PAC."

Direct mail is the most effective form of advertising for political campaigns because - unlike television -- it can target a specific audience.

 Using direct mail, My Own Super PAC can single out just the registered independent voters in each of the 13 key battleground states that will decide this election. . . so that every dollar achieves maximum impact.

 As you know, it is independent voters who are always the swing vote in Presidential elections.

The Pew Research Center found earlier this year that 39% of all voters are now independents. That is, they have no party affiliation.

 We must reach the 21,134,000 registered independent voters who will decide whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is the next President.

Hillary Clinton is running away from Donald Trump in campaign fundraising. Donald Trump does not have the necessary funds to sustain an ad campaign in the 13 battleground states that will decide this election.

 Remember, the next President will likely get to appoint two or even three new Supreme Court justices.

Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine the aftermath of a Supreme Court majority packed by Hillary Clinton:

 The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms - gone,

  • The First Amendment right to religious freedom - gone,
  • Constitutional separation of powers - gone,
  • Over 2,000 years of Christian tradition - gone,
  • A Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution literally instead of inventing new "rights" like gay marriage - gone,
  • Constitutional mandates like national sovereignty and border control - gone.

 All gone.

Helping Donald Trump to keep Hillary Clinton from returning to the White House is essential.

The My Own Super PAC project is preparing a series of 10 inch X 5 inch-sized postcard ads to mail to independent voters in the 13 campaign battleground states.

We will print these postcard ads on thick, heavy paper so they really stand out in the voter's mailbox.

Each one will inform the voter about the dangers of a Hillary Clinton Presidency including her plans to change, in her words, "deep-seated. . .religious beliefs," her view that instead of exterminating radical Islamic terrorists we should "respect" and have "empathy" for them, her plan to offer blanket amnesty to illegal aliens, her support of importing tens of thousands of Syrian and other Muslim refugees and her unlawful e-mail actions that put American lives at risk.

We will encourage all who receive a My Own Super PAC ad to make copies of them and pass them out to friends, relatives, and associates at work.

We aim to mail at least three postcard ads to each of the 21,134,000 independents in the 13 battleground states.

If we can meet this goal, the chance of defeating Hillary Clinton will go way up along with the chance of keeping the U.S. Senate out of the control of Democrats.

Plus, FedUp PAC may receive unlimited personal and corporate contributions.

For $1, we can reach two registered independent voters in one of the battleground states with a detailed mailing on what a Hillary Clinton Presidency would mean for our country.

We hope that in addition to purchasing "Fed Up" bumper stickers, you will send $25 to reach about 50 battleground state independents with a postcard ad.

 So, we’re offering two ways you and your friends in the grassroots can help defeat Hillary.

As you decide on the amount of your donation, please keep in mind that Hillary Clinton is likely to outspend Donald Trump at least 5-1 in this campaign.