Don’t Be Diverted, Confirming Gorsuch Is the Big Issue

FedUp PAC StaffDon’t Be Diverted, Confirming Gorsuch Is the Big Issue

The media would have you believe that Michael Flynn’s resignation is the biggest and only story worth following, but the issue that really counts for the long run is the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. If conservatives allow their attention to be diverted from this, the Left-wing will steal a march on us while lining up enough Senate votes to at least sustain a filibuster and perhaps even defeat the nomination outright (with help from a few establishment Republicans).

We must not allow them to follow the script that was so successful in defeating Robert Bork thirty years ago. Already they are repeating their anti-Bork strategy with wildly false claims that Gorsuch is an enemy of the Constitution and the American people.

People for the American Way, one of the leading voices on the left, put out this statement. “Judge Neil Gorsuch is an ideological warrior who puts his own right-wing politics above the Constitution, the law and the rights of everyday people. . . . Judge Gorsuch has spent his entire career pushing an extreme agenda that hurts ordinary Americans.”

Blogger Rob Schofield described Gorsuch as “a committed right-wing ideologue and an extremist disciple of Antonin Scalia who takes a cramped and backward-looking view of the Constitution.”

Tom Carter of claimed that Gorsuch was nominated because he has “the requisite right-wing credentials, including his proven reactionary record as well as his aristocratic pedigree.”

Bill Blum of asserted that the goal of Gorsuch is “to roll back constitutional rights in pursuit of a political agenda driven by the fantasies of racial nostalgia, misogyny and the passions of white nationalism.” defended their opposition by saying “it would be unconscionable to consider an extremist nominee to the court.”

The National Organization for Women labeled it “the most egregious insult in the history of Supreme Court nominations.”

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) may have hit the most extreme note when he said “Gorsuch represents a breathtaking retreat from the the notion that Americans have fundamental Constitutional rights.”

All of these silly comments have one thing in common – a desire to scare Americans, and especially independents, into believing that Gorsuch is a dangerous man and must not be allowed on the Supreme Court. Once public opinion is convinced, Senators will start lining up to vote against Gorsuch. This same type of scare campaign, also based on lies, worked against Bork and it could work against Gorsuch.

But it doesn’t have to work. Truth is a powerful weapon, and it can be used to swing independent voters behind the Gorsuch nomination. FedUp PAC has already begun such a campaign and is making plans to contact millions of independents in states with Democrats up for reelection in 2018. Ten of these states voted for Donald Trump last year, and five more have senators who appear at least potentially vulnerable to a Republican challenge. These fifteen senators will have to pay close attention to what their constituents want if they hope to win another term.

Everyone reading this should contact his own senators and tell them to vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch. If they only hear from people responding to the scare tactics of the Left, Gorsuch will never be a Justice.